... a story that began in 1956 when Luce Rey, aged 23, opened the Crans Bookshop.

There were few shops in the village at that time. Books but also newspapers, stationery and postcards took place in these premises that the owner, Jules Rey, had decided to enlarge by adding a second level. These two levels still exist today, housing respectively the bookshop and the cigar area.

At the end of the 1950s, Luce met Jacky Bonvin, son of Pierre-Léon Bonvin, in her shop. He is a professional golfer with an international career and an impressive record of achievements. He represented Switzerland many times at the Canada Cup - now the World Cup - the World Team Championship. He participated in the British Open, finished 3rd at the Swiss Open in Crans in 1965, and was also the winner of the Swiss Open in 1966.

A respected and influential member of the Crans Golf Technical Committee, he was also the person consulted by Severiano Ballesteros during his stays in Crans.

In 1961, he left his activities as a golf teacher in Geneva and settled in Crans, after marrying Luce Rey. They had two children, Philippe and Laurence.

At the height of his career as a professional golfer, he gradually integrated his wife's business and introduced cigar sales in 1964.


Charismatic and a great professional, a merchant in the noblest sense of the word, he progressively developed this field and gradually increased his stock of cigars. He became a Havana specialist. Under his impetus, the shop became the first stockist of Cuban cigars. Major Cuban brands would manufacture cigar boxes in his name, and in his wife's name!

Zino Davidoff, to whom Jacky Bonvin had given golf lessons in Geneva, and who had become a friend, frequented the premises. Very quickly, the Crans Bookshop became a convivial and unmissable place. Personalities from the world of art, politics, businessmen from all walks of life on holiday in Crans meet there, and make it their cultural landmark in the centre of the village.

Today managed by his son Philippe and his wife Patricia, the Librairie de Crans, which has now become "Bonvin Livres et Cigares", is proudly celebrating its 65th anniversary.